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Current Opportunities With Civmec
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Refractory and Maintenance Shutdowns
Refractory and Maintenance Shutdowns Alcoa Maintenance, AU 03-Aug-2022
Alcoa Maintenance, AU 916 03-Aug-2022
CNC Programmer
CNC Programmer Tomago Facility 09-Aug-2022
Tomago Facility 8611 09-Aug-2022
Contracts Advisor Graduate
Contracts Advisor Graduate Perth, AU 10-Aug-2022
Perth, AU 8606 10-Aug-2022
Refractory Positions - Covalent
Refractory Positions - Covalent Perth, WA, AU 05-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8598 05-Aug-2022
Document Controller
Document Controller Perth, WA, AU 08-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8588 08-Aug-2022
Electrical Tradesperson
Electrical Tradesperson Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 28-Jul-2022
Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 8502 28-Jul-2022
Trades Assistant
Trades Assistant Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 28-Jul-2022
Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 8501 28-Jul-2022
Metal Tradesperson
Metal Tradesperson Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 28-Jul-2022
Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 8500 28-Jul-2022
Analyst Business Systems
Analyst Business Systems Perth, AU 22-Jul-2022
Perth, AU 8481 22-Jul-2022
Advisor HSE
Advisor HSE Workshop Henderson, AU 01-Aug-2022
Workshop Henderson, AU 8447 01-Aug-2022
Sheetmetal Worker
Sheetmetal Worker Iron bridge, WA, AU 29-Jul-2022
Iron bridge, WA, AU 8442 29-Jul-2022
Learning and Development Liaison
Learning and Development Liaison Perth, WA, AU 12-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8436 12-Aug-2022
Administrator Junior
Administrator Junior Perth, WA, AU 26-Jul-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8431 26-Jul-2022
HSEQ Auditor
HSEQ Auditor Perth, WA, AU 09-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8411 09-Aug-2022
Superintendent QA
Superintendent QA Perth, WA, AU 18-Jul-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8375 18-Jul-2022
Supervisor Mechanical
Supervisor Mechanical Covalent, WA, AU 09-Aug-2022
Covalent, WA, AU 8372 09-Aug-2022
Manager Operations Shutdown & Maintenance
Manager Operations Shutdown & Maintenance Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 12-Aug-2022
Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU 8250 12-Aug-2022
Estimator SMP
Estimator SMP Perth, WA, AU 14-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8241 14-Aug-2022
Engineer Project Senior
Engineer Project Senior Roy Hill, WA, AU 02-Aug-2022
Roy Hill, WA, AU 8186 02-Aug-2022
Civil Trades Covalent Kwinana
Civil Trades Covalent Kwinana Covalent, WA, AU 06-Aug-2022
Covalent, WA, AU 8185 06-Aug-2022
Manager Site
Manager Site Perth, WA, AU 10-Aug-2022
Perth, WA, AU 8168 10-Aug-2022
Mechanical Fitter
Mechanical Fitter Roy Hill, AU 04-Aug-2022
Roy Hill, AU 7946 04-Aug-2022
Engineer Mechanical Project
Engineer Mechanical Project Roy Hill, AU 27-Jul-2022
Roy Hill, AU 7945 27-Jul-2022
Electrical Tradesperson
Electrical Tradesperson Roy Hill Maintenance, AU 15-Aug-2022
Roy Hill Maintenance, AU 7929 15-Aug-2022
Deputy Manager Project
Deputy Manager Project Iron bridge, WA, AU 12-Aug-2022
Iron bridge, WA, AU 7917 12-Aug-2022