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Title Location Requisition No. Date
Apprentice Boilermaker Year 1
Apprentice Boilermaker Year 1 Perth 09-May-2020
Perth 647 09-May-2020
Apprentice Welder Year 1
Apprentice Welder Year 1 Perth 09-May-2020
Perth 649 09-May-2020
Apprentice Carpenter Year 1
Apprentice Carpenter Year 1 Perth 09-May-2020
Perth 648 09-May-2020
Electrical Trades Assistant
Electrical Trades Assistant FMG 29-May-2020
FMG 2756 29-May-2020
Supervisor Shutdown
Supervisor Shutdown Pilbara Region, WA, AU 25-May-2020
Pilbara Region, WA, AU 2565 25-May-2020
Administrator Site
Administrator Site Pilbara Region, WA, AU 26-May-2020
Pilbara Region, WA, AU 2547 26-May-2020
Rigger Advanced
Rigger Advanced Pilbara Region 26-May-2020
Pilbara Region 470 26-May-2020
Mechanical Fitter
Mechanical Fitter Regional WA 04-May-2020
Regional WA 2261 04-May-2020
Boilermaker Regional WA 04-May-2020
Regional WA 2242 04-May-2020
Rigger Advanced
Rigger Advanced Regional WA 04-May-2020
Regional WA 2224 04-May-2020
Pipe Fitter
Pipe Fitter Regional WA 04-May-2020
Regional WA 2281 04-May-2020
Engineer Graduate
Engineer Graduate Perth 21-May-2020
Perth 646 21-May-2020
Concrete Worker
Concrete Worker Pilbara Region 16-May-2020
Pilbara Region 1633 16-May-2020
Trainer and Assessor
Trainer and Assessor Pilbara Region, AU 18-May-2020
Pilbara Region, AU 2564 18-May-2020
Supervisor Boilermaker
Supervisor Boilermaker Workshop Henderson, WA, AU 27-May-2020
Workshop Henderson, WA, AU 2754 27-May-2020
Crane Operators
Crane Operators Regional WA 05-May-2020
Regional WA 2301 05-May-2020
Trades Assistant
Trades Assistant South West WA 08-May-2020
South West WA 2501 08-May-2020
Steel Fixer
Steel Fixer South West WA 13-May-2020
South West WA 2523 13-May-2020
Engineer Graduate
Engineer Graduate Tomago Facility, AU 27-May-2020
Tomago Facility, AU 2726 27-May-2020
Welder Special Class
Welder Special Class Regional WA 04-May-2020
Regional WA 2282 04-May-2020
Superintendent SMP
Superintendent SMP Pilbara Region, WA, AU 21-May-2020
Pilbara Region, WA, AU 2549 21-May-2020
Serviceperson Mechanic
Serviceperson Mechanic Perth, WA, AU 26-May-2020
Perth, WA, AU 2746 26-May-2020
Electrical Tradesperson
Electrical Tradesperson FMG, WA, AU 26-May-2020
FMG, WA, AU 2101 26-May-2020
Planner Peel Region, WA, AU 23-May-2020
Peel Region, WA, AU 2219 23-May-2020
Boilermaker Pilbara Region 26-May-2020
Pilbara Region 497 26-May-2020